February 13, 2015

Ella Nova punished in Dana DeArmond’s dungeon!

Ella Nova is caught touching herself in Dana DeArmond’s dungeon and gets punished for being such a filthy girl! Great chemistry between the ladies with lots of OTK spanking, dildo gag, whipping, ass hook, ass licking, anal plugs and strap-on vag and anal sex!


Maitresse Madeline Marlowe

December 28, 2014

Squirting MILF in a classroom threesome

May 12, 2014

Sydney Finally Releases XXX Sex Film

AH! At last, our girl Sydney Leathers stars in Vivid XXX movie, “Weiner and Me”. Corny title aside, the sex scenes really aren’t too shabby! The plot is as cheesy as the title, but the steamy sex scenes are definitely worth the cost of admission. We have been waiting all this time for Ms. Leathers to give us some real sex and she delivers. The preview I watched, has her taking a pretty good sized cock, into her freshly shaven pussy. The scene opens with Sydney, masturbating with not one, but two vibrators! The scene segueys and Sydney Leathers is staring down the barrel of a big cock. She wastes no time at all, taking the big man-meat into her mouth. From what we can see, Sydney Leathers really knows how to suck a cock. Obviously, she has done this several times before.


“After I did the Vivid photo shoot a couple weeks ago, people already thought I made a porno, so it was like, ‘Eh, they think I did, I might as well’,” 23-year-old Sydney  explained to New York Daily News. She goes on to say that there was humor in the film, which is why she agreed to the film, but we think it’s total bullshit. Vivid is one of the largest adult movie production and distribution companies in the world. Our guess is that the money was right.



May 11, 2014

Introducing Chloe – Chloe Skye & Taylor White

Last week, we set up a casting with our girl Taylor to introduce Chloe Skye. Chloe ws with us on set for the first time, and she proved to be quite nervous.

The 19 year old cutie is from the sunshine state, and like most teens from Florida she's a fan of the beach, cooking and animals. Chloe is the type that likes a little light touching for the foreplay. She hates when someone just goes straight into it. When we asked her what she's always dreamed about doing she told us she has always wanted to try anal sex, but has never had the chance. Chloe's biggest turn on is really deep twinkling eyes. Chloe has never been with another woman! Not because she's nervous, but because she hasn't found the right person. Chloe is drawn to other women because she likes boobs, (or funbags as our girl Taylor calls them) but she has never even touched another girl's pussy before! We soon discovered that Chloe is a total virgin, and it would be Taylor's job to get things fired up in order get Chloe to share her first time ever with our teen hungry members!

Taylor instructs Chloe to help her get the flames rolling, and it doesn't take long before Chloe catches on and we see the models strip each other and get to the action. Chloe was a perfect fit with Taylor, as you'll see by the expert tit sucking Chloe performs on Taylor's sweet breasts. We get to see Chloe masturbating while Taylor sits on her face, and then some hot muff to mouth 69. But that's not all, Taylor even pulled out the final stop when she penetrated Chloe's ass and pussy at the same time with her fingers giving Chloe the orgasm she's always dreamed of all for the viewing pleasure of members like you!

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August 16, 2013

Sydney Leathers Interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity

Did you see the interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News? We’ll go ahead and link it, here. The interview starts with Leathers mentioning how – at first – she was a bit nervous about the interview, out of fear of Hannity being mean or cruel to her. She even goes on to say, “I kind of thought that you would attack me, because we obviously have some political differences, but I will say on the other hand, it’s not surprising that you’re nice to me because I’m taking down a democrat. If I were going after a republican, it might be a little different.” Our girl Sydney goes at Hannity about who he endorces as a republican, siting David Vetter and “his prostitutes *cheeky smile*”. Sydney Leathers really shows some spunk and can definitely match wits with the silver haired Fox News anchorman.

She walks us through the process of how she got into the process of ‘taking down’ Anthony Weiner. Starting with how they met, on facebook. These kids and their darned facebook. When will people learn to not take the bait. Either way, you cannot blame Sydney when Weiner pursued Leathers. All this after she messaged Weiner, condemning him for his past  transgressions! We’ve said enough. Enjoy the video!


August 9, 2013

Sydney Leathers’ sexting episodes with Carlos Danger Weiner

New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner sent several photos back and forth with Princeton, Indiana hottie, Sydney Leathers. Weiner seems to have a shoe fetish, as he instructs in his text messages to Leathers to wear her , “fuckme shoes” and seeming to be upset to miss her wearing her  “tall black heels”.  Weiner even made up a monicker, calling himself, “Carlos Danger“. This fool.

Anthony-Weiner-2-copy Anthony-Weiner-1-copy

Many other sites around the net have censored pics of Weiner’s….um, wiener. But, real life tabloid thedirty.com has the infamous cock pics, uncensored. It doesn’t look to me like he is packing much meat, but what do I know about dicks?